Prenatal Yoga

Did you know that yoga means “union” in Sanskrit? In life, is there any stronger union than a mother and her baby during pregnancy?


Continuing, or starting, yoga practice during pregnancy – when you live and breathe in sync with your baby – is a completely natural and beneficial way to care for yourself and your child.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Our prenatal yoga classes honour the development and physiological changes taking place in both the mother and child during all the stages of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Our prenatal yoga teacher training aims to celebrate pregnancy and equip yoga teachers with the unique skills needed to guide mothers-to-be, their families and caregivers during every stage of parenthood.

85 hour pre natal yoga teacher training - Course Prospectus

If you’re interested in our 85 hour pre natal teacher training program then use the button to download it.

Celebrate your pregnancy with us

Join our prenatal yoga classes and learn how to look after your body and baby during pregnancy.