Our Customer Testimonials

This is an absolutely brilliant course. The teachers are wise, clear and inspiring. The online anatomy course is engaging and highly informative. The course is taught by genuine, passionate teachers to a small, intimate group. We had many opportunities to ask questions, do yoga, practice teaching and gain invaluable feedback. I highly recommend this course.

Amanda Holroyd
2019 graduate

The power to go beyond the children’s training, the training has served me in my teaching (meaning academics not yoga) and even in my life.  It helped me with my practise to take a different vision of it.

Everything was done in a very intelligent way.  Thank you again Jenny!

Jenny, thank you for the most wonderful training I am so grateful to have been involved in this amazing training.  Your passion & enthusiasm has been phenomenal.

You truly are making the world a better place.  Thank you, thank you.

This was an amazing course. I learnt so much and I can apply this to my teaching and classes straight away. Jenny is full of knowledge and covers a lot, but makes everything easy to understand without being overwhelming. I can’t recommend this training enough!

Susan Lardner, Restorative yoga teacher training attendee

With your passion, love for your work and your energy you gave me strength, you connected me to the earth, you reminded me why we do this job. If we teach others acceptance, compassion, love, trust, then we must have them. Thank you for everything you do every day, for me, for all the children and for all the people who cross your path. You are a strong and smiling woman and what you do is amazing.


Graduate of our Kids and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training courses

Everything taught, given & shared has been worth every penny. I have gained a lifetime’s worth of knowledge.

This training is the best outlet for teachers who are passionate & willing to change the world!  Thank you so much Jenny.

A great appreciation to Gecko Yoga Academy!

The 95-hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course is amazing!
Everything taught and shared in the course has broadened my perspectives and enriched my knowledge to a new level of understanding in kids and yoga.

Your enthusiasm, considerate and compassion has made me feel like to share yoga with kids around me as soon as possible!

This course is really more than expectations, I’m glad that I have made the right choice and worth for me to travel back and forth between Malaysia and Hong Kong!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for everything Jenny!

Take great care and have a nice day!
Namaste <3

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