Children's Yoga Teacher Training

The Gecko Yoga Children’s Yoga Teacher Training gives the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for teaching yoga to infants, toddlers, children teens and, ultimately, yoga for the whole family.

About The Course

Our curriculum for the 95hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide you with the specifc tools necessary for teaching yoga to children of all ages.

To support you through the entire 95hr course, Gecko Yoga’s Children’s Yoga Teacher Training includes course manuals for each of the 6 Modules, a games guide, pose pack, class plan pack and a personal journal. All resources are bespoke and specifically written & created for this teacher training by our experienced teachers.

You will also receive Gecko Yoga Zone Access. One year access is included in the full training which supports you with a listing on the Gecko Yoga® Website & a private Facebook group for further mentoring.

In the Gecko Children’s Yoga Teacher Training you will learn:

  • Guidelines for teaching yoga to babies through to teens.
  • Yoga songs, stories, movements and games that children love and that ignite their intuitive creativity, confidence & compassion.
  • Tips for keeping children engaged and focused in a variety of environments, including meditation and breath-work appropriate for children of all ages.
  • Skills for adapting yoga for the school setting, with practical tips for keeping the class focused and engaged.
  • A variety of meditation practices.
  • The business of yoga and guidance for setting up your own children’s yoga business and classes.

Why choose Gecko Yoga for your Children’s Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Gecko Yoga was the first to offer Children’s Yoga TT in Asia.
    Its unique offering is a deep and comprehensive training that will allow the student to lead classes with confidence on completion of the studies
  • The course is written and taught by Gecko Yoga’s founder and Children’s Yoga expert, Jenny Smith.
  • The modular format covers the skills and knowledge needed to teach yoga across childhood, from babies to teens.
  • Your practical experience during the course will be gained not only at the Gecko Yoga Academy but with families and in schools too.
  • The course covers topics as diverse as anatomy and the business of yoga.
  • Graduates gain access to the Gecko Yoga Zone and discounted further mentoring, as well as references and job opportunities.

Course Resources

A Games Guide + Pose Pack + Class Plan Pack are all included in the cost of the full course. These can be purchased as a pack for HK$499 if you are attending individual modules only. Cash only on the day of the training and please order your set before to ensure stocks last.

All resources are bespoke and specifically written & created for this Teacher Training.
Jenny’s parents are the artists!

Gecko Yoga Zone Access

One year access included in the full training which supports you with a listing on the Gecko Yoga® Website & private Facebook group for further mentoring. This will help you get started as a newly certified Children’s Yoga Teacher by Gecko Yoga®

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95 hour children's yoga teacher training - Course prospectus

If you’re interested in our 95 hour children’s yoga teacher training program then use the button to download our course prospectus.

Full Course Costs & Dates

Save money and gain full certification by registering for the full Gecko Yoga Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course.

Full Course Cost: 19,888 HKD

Early Bird Cost: 16,888 HKD

Children’s Yoga Modules

Below you’ll find the details of each individual module of the 95hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training.

While it is cheaper to register for the full course (especially if you book early!), booking an individual module is possible. Find out more here.

Module 1 - Adventurers - Aged 4-12 years

Cost: 4950 HKD

Yoga Adventures, Poses, Breathing & Play for Children Aged 4-12 years (PART 1): Learn the essentials, philosophy and core elements of teaching children’s Yoga.

  • Participate & Observe a Class for Children Aged 4-8yrs
  • Lesson Planning
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Prop Suggestions
  • Yogic Relaxations
  • YogArt & Crafts
  • Child Friendly Songs
    & Chants
Module 2 - Explorers - Aged 4-12 years

Cost: 4950 HKD

Explore the Growth & Development of Children’s Yoga for Children Aged 4-12 years (PART2): Anatomy & Physiology. Growing with your Students. Find your Voice.

  • The Growing Child – Anatomy & Physiology of Children
  • Your Role as a Teacher
  • More themes, & Stories for Older Children
  • Planning for Older Classes
  • Voice Basics & Voice Health
  • Partner & Group Yoga Poses
  • Deepening our EnergyWork
Module 3 - Discoverers - Baby & Toddler Years 1-3

Cost: 4950 HKD

Discover your playful inner child. Baby & Toddler Years 123: Develop the connection to our natural yogic breath while planting the seed with lifelong intentions.

  • Observe a baby Yoga class
  • Developmental Anatomy & Physiology of Babies & Toddlers
  • Baby & Toddler Massage
  • Discover, Empower & Calm – Yoga for Mums
  • Baby & Toddler Class Planning
Module 4 - Teen Travellers - Aged 13-18

Cost: 4950 HKD

Travelling Deeper into the Practise: A journey of self exploration while delving into the teenage years (13-18) of children’s Yoga.

  • Participate & Observe a Yoga Class for Teen Years 13-18
  • Yoga Teaching Tips for Teens • Class Themes for Teens
  • Anatomy & Physiology – Typical Development During Adolescence
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Games for Teens
  • Lesson Planning for Teen Yoga
Module 5 - For Schools - for Primary & Secondary school years

Cost: 3750 HKD

Foundations for Life-long Learning: Exercises for Classrooms (for Primary & Secondary school years)

  • Yoga for Schools Sample Class
  • SomeBackground on Yoga-Why Yoga for Schools, Teachers & Students?
  • Children & the 21st Century Brain – How Do we KnowYoga Works?
  • History of Yoga in Education & Benefits ofYoga for Schools
  • Mini Yoga Breaks – Yoga Class Preparation Routines
  • Relaxation & Stillness Exercises
  • Your Role as a Yoga for Schools
  • Teacher & Support for Parents
Module 6 - Yoga for everyBODY

Cost: 3950 HKD

Previous modules need to have been attended as a pre-requisite for this module.

Essential Inclusive Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Yoga Therapy & Business In Children’s Yoga: Connecting the oneness of children in your classes.

  • Therapeutic Yoga Class “Living Loving Kindness”
  • The Business Yogi
  • The Effects of Yoga on Stress
  • Yoga Relaxation Techniques
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra with Children
  • Inclusive Yoga Classes- Yoga for Children with Special Needs
  • Family Yoga

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