Children's Yoga

Gecko Yoga has been teaching children’s yoga to yoga teachers, therapists, school-based educators and parents for over a decade.


We believe that teaching yoga to young children will shape their lives, building a strong foundation in a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. 

Children’s Yoga Classes

Our children’s yoga classes focus on improving both physical and mental wellbeing, as well as enhancing children’s energy, confidence and concentration.

Yoga for Schools

Gecko Yoga for Schools is a unique programme designed to get school children moving in positive and mindful ways in the classroom and beyond.

Teacher Training

If sharing yoga with all ages is something you aspire to, then Gecko Yoga® can help add this inspiring and useful string to your yoga teaching bow.

95 hour children's yoga teacher training - Course prospectus

If you’re interested in our 95 hour children’s yoga teacher training program then use the button to download our course prospectus.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Teaching yoga to young children, and learning to teach yoga to children, benefits everyone involved. Just a few of the benefits of Children’s yoga include:


  • Movement provides an energetic outlet during a child’s fairly sedentary school day and is crucial for learning.
  • Children learn to use their bodies in joyous, creative ways to develop confidence, self-esteem, a positive body image and an active lifestyle.
  • Families learn how to play and grow together.
  • Children learn the skills to rely on when faced with peer group pressures or stresses of everyday life.
  • Parents learn how to recognise what it is their children need as they are ever growing and adapting to life in changing bodies.

Help give children the gift of yoga

Join our Children’s Yoga Teacher Training and help shape the yogis of the future.