Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to take the modules in order?
No you don’t have to. It is beneficial to do so as they build upon each other. But they can be attended in a manner that suits your timetable and learning. We have different payment schedules available to pay per module, or non-sequential pre-booked all 6 & sequential Early Bird offers.
Do I have to attend them all?
Attend the modules that suit your interests most. If you are only ever going to teach teenagers then simply attend Module 4 – Teen Travellers. Likewise, if you are only interested in teaching the littlest yogis then Module 3 is the one for you! If you are interested in learning how to support the growing child then taking part in all 6 modules would be right for you. Note: Spaces are limited on the TT and we offer priority to the students who have registered for the entire course. Refer to the Terms & Conditions for information on refunds and cancellation policies.
Will I get to see children doing yoga in this training? Can my own child participate?
During the training, we will be holding free demo yoga classes for you to observe and an invitation for these classes will be made available to the local community. If you have a child or know someone who may be interested in participating for that particular age group please let us know when you register or when you see this invitation go out.
I have never done yoga before but would really like to learn about Children's Yoga, can I take the Training?
Sadly, no, we would not recommend you join our course until you have one year of practice of yoga before registering for the course. In this training, we make use of poses and terms that are specific to the ancient practices of yoga and we would encourage all participants to have a basic understanding of those before undertaking this training.
What's the homework requirements on this course?
For the first four modules there is an at home teaching practicum required to be certified. This involves teaching students and submitting coursework up to 60 days after the last day of the training. There will be pop quizzes and written assignments as well in some modules.
Do I need to be a 200-hour Yoga Teacher already?
This training is open to all whether you are a yoga teacher or not. All we ask is that you have a minimum of 1 years yoga practice before you sign up. That way you will be familiar with the yoga practice and some of the terms you will hear in the training. If however, you wish to receive the Yoga Alliance RCYT accreditation then yes you will need to have the 200hr TT under your belt at least by the time you complete your training.
To know all about Yoga Alliance USA’s & Yoga Australia certifications please refer to their websites for all the prerequisites.
When will I get my certificate?
Once you have attended the training dates then submitted your at home course practicums we will email you the certification as a pdf. This will show that you have not only attended a training but also taught students to receive the highest level certification. For the two modules that do not have any at home practicums, you will receive those certificates of attendance once the course has completed via email. For the full 95-hour certificate this will either be presented in person if all course requirements have been met in time for the last day of the training, otherwise, it will be emailed to you as a pdf.
Who can attend this training?
If you have a passion for yoga wish to share the benefits of yoga with children of all ages (and their families) then this is the training for you! This training is great for continuing educational units for yoga teachers, school teachers and educators. Therapists and other health care providers who work with children will also find inspiration and effective ways to bring yoga into their work environment. Parents and all generations of family members who may wish to play & educate children with the ancient traditions of yoga will find plenty to keep your holidays, weekends and daily lives enriched with practices that support one another to live a fun-loving, happy, healthy life no matter what your age!


How do I get started?
Fill in the application form here on our website and email it to Await feedback and any answers you may have asked and once approved to join the training please proceed to payment.
I am pregnant/ have an injury/ have limited mobility can I still participate in the Teacher Training?
Yes you are welcome to come and join in as much as you are physically able to and join in the discussions, share your ideas and learn with the rest of the group. Gecko Yoga® Teacher Trainings as an experiential courses with hands-on activities and lots of movement some of which may not be available to you but adaptations may be offered or you may choose to participate in another way. We highly encourage all participants to take care of themselves throughout the training & there is lift access to this studio in Hong Kong. This training and the course requirements of at home teaching practicums may not be suitable for trainees in their third trimester as the practices can be strenuous, please discuss with your trainer before applying.
I have never done yoga before but would really like to learn about Yoga, can I take the Training?
Yes, for the 200-hour training complete beginners can join the course and there are no-prerequisites for attending this course.
Can I take pictures, make a voice or video recording and/or bring my laptop to take notes?
Pictures will be taken by the teacher and shared within the training group. This will reduce the distraction and provide for a more conducive environment for learning rather than all participants taking pictures and so please note we have a no pictures policy in place but requests can be made and may be approved on a case by case basis. Voice recordings may be requested directly to the teacher ahead of the class and provided approval is provided by the teacher and other participants it may or may not be granted. We do not allow a video recording in the training. Laptops are allowed to be used to make notes on.
During the training is food provided? Or breaks for lunch?
Most yoga studios we will be teaching in will not allow food within their spaces and so we will need to ensure you abide by the rules of the hosting venue with respect and understanding. In Hong Kong at the Red Doors Studio there is a designated area for eating and you are very welcome to bring your own food or buy it at nearby shops and eat it on the premises. You are responsible for your own meals and we will have short breaks during the training as well as a lunch break.
Will I have time for my own daily practice and or will this be included in the training?
It’s advisable that you experience your own personal yoga practice prior or at the end of each day of training and know that we will be doing a lot of moving (& thinking) during the training.
What should I wear/bring?
We suggest you dress in layers and be sure to take care of yourself by paying attention to your comfort throughout the training. Please feel free to bring your own cushion, block, blanket or prop for sitting on but also know that much of this is already provided in the studios we use in Hong Kong. Please bring with you note-taking materials (i.e. laptop or pens), your own food and drink (water & teas will be available), anything else in the way of preferred yoga props to make yourself comfortable.
Still have questions?
Contact us by email and provide us with details on what it is you are looking to achieve by attending such a training.


Do I have to be a yoga teacher to do the prenatal yoga teacher training?
The course is designed for existing yoga teachers (minimum 200-hour certified), who wish to specialise in pregnancy yoga. Classes will automatically assume that you are comfortable teaching yoga to a group, can confidently lead sun salutations, and have a good foundation in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It does not matter if you are currently not teaching.
What will I be qualified to teach upon graduation?
Upon certification from the Gecko Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training, you will be able to lead specialised pregnancy yoga classes. You will be able to take students from 12 weeks of pregnancy through to their due date, and to accommodate pregnant students into your regular yoga classes.
I'm a guy, can I do the training?
Yes. The course offers valuable insights into how to integrate pregnant women into general yoga classes.
I'm pregnant, can I do the teacher training?
Congratulations! We are happy to accept pregnant students onto this training course. In fact, pregnant students can find the course to be a delightfully nourishing experience, and other students will learn from your presence.
How are the 85 hours covered on this course?
The Gecko Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training is a comprehensive course in which you’ll actually complete 120 hours of study – much more than the “minimum required hours”. The basic breakdown includes contact hours totalling 85 hours, class observations, home work & self study, plus attendance at yoga classes and self-practice.
What are the days like on the teacher training course?
The course is intensive and we pack in a lot to our weekends. A typical day on the course would be:
9.00-11.00am Yoga Classes
11.00am-11.15am Break
11.15am-13.00pm Theory Class (e.g. techniques theory)
13.00-14.00pm Enjoy lunch
14.00-16.00pm Theory Class (e.g. class sequencing)
16.00-16.15pm Break (time for a cup of tea and cake)
16.15-18:30pm Teaching Methodology/Practice
Do I automatically qualify as a yoga teacher by attending the course?
No, to qualify you are required to:
1. Attend 100% of the course
2. Complete all written homework
3. Observe 3 classes externally and write up observations
4. Teach in 1 in class yoga practicum
What if I miss a day?
100% attendance of the course is expected in order to become certified. In some circumstances private lessons may be scheduled with the course leader to cover missed days. One missed day can be covered by four hours of private tuition, at an additional cost of $500 per hour.
Who is Gecko Yoga Accredited with?
Gecko Yoga is qualified under Yoga Alliance and closely follows curriculum guidelines set forth by this internationally recognised yoga institution. For more details about the curriculum visit our Course Prospectus.
What is the Payment Policy for Gecko Yoga courses?
No payments are required until you are accepted onto the course. Once accepted you will need to secure your place by paying the full course fee. Acceptable methods of payment include direct bank transfer, credit card, by Paypal with fees.
May I visit the venue?
We offer weekly Prenatal Yoga classes at the Gecko Yoga Academy and you are welcome to sign up and join one of our classes to try us out and meet the Gecko Yoga team. All our trainings will take place in the Gecko Yoga Academy in Sheung Wan.


Is it okay if I have never practiced yoga before?
Yes. You will find that yoga benefits the mind and body at any point in life. Our class is designed to honour the needs and limitations of pregnancy. Also, all the postures can be modified to the level of the student.
Is it okay to start yoga in the middle of my pregnancy?
Yes. Whether you take yoga through all nine months of your pregnancy or just the third trimester you will notice the benefits before, during and after birth.
How far into my pregnancy can I practice yoga?
You can continue your yoga practice right up to birth.
How will yoga help my pregnancy and delivery?
By strengthening the essential muscles needed for birth, reconnecting with your breath and focusing your mind, the practice of yoga can prepare you for the challenges your labor and birth may bring and open you up to your natural ability to give birth.
When can I start postnatal yoga?
For vaginal births, you must wait until the bleeding has stopped, usually 2-4 weeks after birth.
For cesarean births you must wait at least 6 weeks. Please consult with your doctor before returning to yoga.

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