Gecko Yoga Gatherings

A whole new way to learn the story, the philosophy and the practice of yoga.


Join Gecko Yoga founder Jenny Smith for weekly live video calls devoted to furthering your understanding of yoga and yoga teaching in an open, community focused online gathering.

Join the Gecko Yoga Gathering Online with Weekly Live Video Conference Calls 

  • Welcome to yoga teachers, practitioners, students,  and all those interested in furthering their yoga education
  • Ideal for all paths, styles, and limbs of yoga
  • Open discussion groups and contemplation of topics affecting the life of the yoga practitioner and those in yoga related businesses
  • Including mentoring moments and guided insights 
  • Community-focused with all members contributing to the discussion, the questions and the guidance of other members

What are the Gecko Yoga Gatherings?

The Gecko Yoga Gatherings aim to be an open communication on yoga for a community of like minded individuals, from beginners to experienced, who are studying the realms of yoga from any lineage or any number of years of experience.

Topics of discussion will be based on the needs of the gathering, with all members encourage to put forward questions and queries on all aspects of yoga. Guided by Gecko Yoga Jenny Smith, each weekly call will a topic and related issues put forward by the community prior to and during the call.  

Subscribe as a Gecko Yoga Gathering member and take part in weekly video calls for 90-minutes with Jenny Smith and other community members.

Calls are hosted with Zoom Call and subscription is per month.