We are excited to offer a new yoga teacher training focusing on the practice, art, and teaching of restorative yoga.


Add another string to your teaching bow with this Continuous Professional Development course certified by the Yoga Alliance.

Restorative yoga Teacher Training

Develop your skills in guiding students in the highly beneficial practice of restorative yoga through workshops and practical teaching experience. This new modular course taught by founder Jenny Smith aims to pass on the art of restorative yoga with a focus on environment, intention, breath, sequencing, and assistance.

This course is beneficial for both teachers and practitioners.

Course overview

This course is the perfect introduction to restorative yoga and is beneficial for both teachers and practitioners.

The course will cover

  • Theory on the background and benefits of restorative yoga.
  • The importance of environment, intention, breath, sequencing, and assisting in restorative yoga teaching.
  • Skills needed to guide students into poses using demonstrations and verbal instructions.
  • Guidance on adjusting postures to suit individual needs.
  • Sessions in restorative yoga to learn from an experiential viewpoint and to deepen your own practice.
  • In depth workshops on the benefits of key poses.
  • Practical teaching experience in the afternoon.
  • All props and yoga equipment.

Upcoming Restorative Yoga Trainings

Full Course Costs

Keep up your Continuous Professional Development with the Yoga Alliance by registering for the Gecko Yoga Restorative Yoga Training course.

Full Course Cost: 2,850 HKD

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We are coming to the UK this February!


This February we will be teaching Restorative Yoga and the Essentials of Teaching Kids Yoga Workshop in Exeter, Devon.

Training dates are on the 21st and 22nd of February 2020. Click below to find out more.


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