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In the last blog, we shared the post-yoga training experiences of 6 of our Gecko Yoga graduates. They were all Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers after completing our 95hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training.

In this blog, we’d like to share the personal experience of one graduate from our 200hr Spectrum of Care Yoga Teacher Training.

The Spectrum of Care Yoga Teacher Training has been created to prepare students to teach people of all abilities, across the life spectrum, with the specific goal of bringing yoga to everybody.

Here is how graduate, Kelly, is bringing the gift of yoga to her community…

Tell us about your Yoga Training and how it has influenced your career

My yoga training at the Gecko Yoga Academy helped me to build a solid foundation of knowledge, including anatomy, yoga poses, breathing techniques, teaching ethics and yoga philosophy. 

The training included self-practice and teaching practice time which strengthened my skills and built my confidence. The additional online library, accessible to all students, was very resourceful and informative; it’s definitely helpful for further self-study. 

During the training, we had some classes taught with other teachers with different styles. This was an absolute bonus, as it inspired me to blend in different elements to my teaching. 

The most invaluable thing to me is that I found my inner voice. In the beginning, I just want to deepen my self-practice and fulfil my curiosity of yoga philosophy. At the end of the training, I fell in love with teaching yoga. 

It is so incredible to share the ancient wisdom with others and I believe I am on the right path so I have started teaching yoga part-time while I keep my full-time job in the finance industry!

Who are your students?

I offered both private and group class at this moment. Students from my private sessions are focused on their personal improvement and specific physical concerns. They also feel hesitant about group yoga classes in terms of the pace, sequence and atmosphere.

Students from my group class are from a wide range of backgrounds. For example, Qigong practitioners seeking to have a different spiritual practise, stay at home moms who like to improve their health and energy level, and office workers who want to calm their mind from their busy life and tone their bodies for more strength and mobility.

Describe your classes

In a private class, I tailor-make the yoga experience to suit the unique physicality, lifestyle and health needs of the students. I provide body assessment and discuss the goal or specific consideration, balanced within the scope of my student’s daily life. 

In my group class teaching, I do my best to keep the class fun and all the sequences accessible to everybody by using different props and variations of yoga poses. I love to see my students participate and connect to their body and mind during the class. 

To me, it is a blessing that they get inspired and become more adapted to meet the needs of modern life with the ancient wisdom of yoga.

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